domingo, 23 de abril de 2023

Video: Cycling Peru - The Land of Extremes! // A Documentary // Around the World by Bicycle



Peru is a land of extremes! From absolutely out-of-this-world landscapes & dizzying altitudes, to interesting people & diverse biomes, there are hardly enough superlatives to describe Peru. From September to December 2022, we spent 89 days cycling 3215 kilometers through Peru, with a mind-blowing 55,000 meters of positive elevation gain! For us, Peru has been the country with the most adventure, the most remote trails and some of our greatest achievements. But, it has also been the country with the most disrespectful drivers, the most aggressive dogs, the worst roads and the biggest contrasts we’ve ever encountered. So, you could say cycling Peru has been the experience of a lifetime...

Fuente: Chains & Chords 



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